AZ Sourcing® is a dynamic company that has mastered all components of real estate development.

From the earliest stages of a project we arrange financing, building development, construction, leasing, management and help with marketing and sales through our management support system. Our projects are managed from start to finish by the most experienced team available.

We have developed vast experience from successful projects in Seattle, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Hawaii, Mexico, Shanghai, Beijing and Hainan Island in China. Our current Project—Phoenix Mart—will help American small businesses reassert themselves in both the domestic and global marketplace.

As the United States emerges from the devastating effects of the global economic crisis, it is important that companies focus on job creation as their primary goal. We at AZ Sourcing believe that this is the true path to getting America back on its feet as an economic powerhouse. As a result, AZ Sourcing uses a successful business model that only considers projects that offer clear economic value through the stimulation of job creation.

Outstanding Executive Team

120+ years of collective development experience in Arizona alone.

Value Driven

Each purpose-built project is carefully crafted to deliver enduring value to our communities for years to come.

Key Relationships

Enduring relationships with community leaders, business leaders and economic development groups strengthen each project.

Built With Love

Every project requires countless decisions and each decision has to respect the land and the local community. Above all, it has to serve the greatest benefit to the people who call our developments home.

Powerful Impacts

Each project has the ability and opportunity to positively impact our city, state and world in a significant way.  But, with great power comes great responsibility…


  • North American Logistics, Trade & E-commerce City

    PhoenixMart is the centerpiece and crown jewel of a much larger master-planned interactive development entitled North American Logistics, Trade and E-Commerce City (NALTEC) which will include office buildings, hotels, restaurants, warehousing, a 4-star hotel/resort community, apartments, luxury condominiums and single family homes. It is designed not only as a place to work, but a place to live and be entertained.

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  • PhoenixMart

    PhoenixMart is an Arizona-based global sourcing center that facilitates and maximizes manufacturing, retailing, and wholesaling efficiency. The most comprehensive business venue in the Western hemisphere, PhoenixMart is designed to be a one-stop, industry convergence hub. Offering quality products at competitive prices, PhoenixMart provides solutions to an array of customer needs.

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